Bruno Buchler BioAt the early age of 4, Bruno’s career path began forming. On Saturdays, at his father’s side, in the outskirts of Bern, Switzerland, his Dad, a master carpenter builder, began constructing what would become the new family home. For young Bruno, it was all great fun. The materials and tools lying about provided an opportunity to build and destroy and the evolving structure of the home places to hide and play. While his mother spent her week-ends outside in the garden, the ‘boys’ spent theirs building.

At the age of 15 ½ in the Swiss education system, a choice needed to be made between pursuing an academic path or an apprentice based education and career. Under the watchful eye of Swiss master craftsman, Bruno began a 3 year apprenticeship in stone masonry and general building consisting of school one day and on the job training the remainder of the week. After working in this trade in Switzerland for several years, and serving the obligatory time in the Swiss Army, Bruno chose to add another 2 year long apprenticeship in structural and finished carpentry to his portfolio. Road trips to the US, Canada and Mexico convinced him that he could better realize his dream of owning his own construction business in the United States. Rigid Swiss society and dreary cold, long winters were a stark contrast to the easy, relaxed lifestyle and warm Mediterranean climate of California. After completing numerous landscape/exterior hardscape construction projects over a span of several years, he chose to be more involved in remodeling and new home building. Starting with a couple of his own properties, Bruno got progressively more involved in innovative building styles and materials, and educating himself to new, sustainable green products. His experience gained thru his own home’s construction allow him to offer a vast wealth of knowledge of cutting edge products and design.

When not found wearing his tool belt, Bruno’s time is well spent restoring his classic cars- yes, they really all are Chevrolets! Local and distant mountain resorts provide the perfect playground for his favorite winter sports. He still can’t decide which he likes better- snowboarding or skiing. At least once a year, a vacation needs to include a warm tropical destination and a trip back to Europe to visit friends, family and explore ancient building styles. A suitcase full of delicious Swiss chocolate is the returning bonus for special friends in San Diego.